Link Translation’s extensive experience includes information technology translation projects for some of the world’s leading IT companies.

We have the robust resources and global support network necessary to ensure that your translations are technically precise as well as culturally sensitive and relevant.

Through our internal software localization department and cutting-edge technology tools, Link Translation has the capacity to handle large, complex and short-deadline IT translations into all languages.

Order Technical Translations with Confidence

Our in-country linguistic teams, subject area experts who handle specific language and terminology complexities, perform strict localization of content.

Get The Results You Deserve

Our clients benefit from using our technology, which includes cost-reducing features such as Translation Memories, Glossaries and Terminology databases. All of these are stored, automatically updated and applied to your project, reducing overall translation costs by up to 30%.

What can we do for you?

Machine Translation Evaluation
Script Translation
Technical Manuals
Online Help
Software Source Code
UML Analysis Files
User Manuals
Internet Services
Data Mining
Wireless Telecom
Mobile Telecom

Software Translation
Localization Testing
Website Translation
Mobile Apps
Video Games
Help Files
User Interface
Support Websites
IP Architecture
Optical Networking
Software and Programming
Internet Telephony and VoIP

Reach Global Customers

A professional approach to terminology management ensures that the localized product speaks the language of the target users, and guarantees consistency between the software interface and any other user-facing components, such as online help or documentation.

Fast & Accurate Translation

Localization testing ensures that the product user interface is free of defects such as truncated text strings, overlapping controls, misaligned controls, duplicated hotkeys, etc. We also provide verification of context and language suitability of the localized product user interface.

Reach more customers more effectively

Thanks to an optimized internal workflow and our translation technologies, in which flexibility and quality are of the utmost importance, we can provide professional translations at a low cost and offer clients customized solutions to meet their needs as effectively as possible.

Quality customer care

Whether you’re interested in software to support website translation, a tool for app localization, or a translation management system for business documents and other enterprise translation projects, we offer the technology you need, along with technical integration expertise and professional customer care.

Link Translation can provide a cloud-based translation software platform that simplifies and streamlines the translation process.