During the last couple of years, machine translation post-editing has become one of the hottest, most discussed topics in the translation industry.

Post-editing Machine Translation speeds up the translation process and enables translation users to translate higher volumes of content, and content that might not otherwise be feasible to translate. However, while post-editing can be highly productive and rewarding, a deep understanding of MT and post-editing processes is required to fulfill the expectations of end-users.

Link Translation utilizes our trained linguistic resources to provide post-editing of content that was machine-translated. This machine-translated content output can come from our customers or from our own machine translation engine. With our experts going through the completed MT translation for post-editing, clients can ensure their multilingual communications are highly targeted for a specific market.

Translation Process and Quality

Post Editing

Post-editing usually refers to the process where an entire document, or those parts where there are no exact or good matches from the translation memory, is submitted to a machine translation engine, is machine translated and then the target text is corrected by a human post-editor.

We can either automatically send the documents to machine translation engines to retrieve translations, or work with XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) or TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) files previously machine translated. Our post-editor has access to all of the usual tools for leveraging and editing existing translations, terminology management and quality control, and their work can also be quantified using the edit distance and the editing time reports.

Light editing

Light post-editing is not comparable to human translation. It is designed to correct errors in MT output that affect meaning or readability.

Light editing is most suitable when:

  • Your output is not intended for publication
  • You only need to get the gist of the source information
  • You want the focus to be on editing the most problematic content

Heavy editing

Heavy editing is comparable to human translation.

Heavy editing is the option you need when:

  • You want to preserve the style, register and tone of the source language
  • You have formatting rules to apply
  • Local standards are important to your audience
  • You have your own terminology guidelines that you need us to follow

Why work with us?

Working with Link Translation makes it easy to ensure that your MT output is of the correct quality. Our post-editors will always work to your specific objectives, ensuring that no time – or money – is wasted.

We can help you understand precisely how much your machine translation post-editing services will cost, with a clear analysis and quote for your output quality and objectives. Talk with our experts in MT post-editing and get a fast and free quote.