Translating marketing materials is not just about converting the text into the target language; it is also about conveying the correct message in the target language. This is an area that is broad in scope. Translation for branding and advertising may be quite different than website translation, even though they are both marketing-focused.

We select the most appropriate translators with background in the marketing and advertising industry for each individual assignment. Our dedicated multicultural marketing team specializes in helping advertising, marketing, and branding professionals and agencies adapt their creative vision for any global market.

Qualified Subject-Matter-Experts

All our translators go through an in-house accreditation process and we have a stringent quality assurance process in place to ensure that our work meets the highest professional standards.

Building your international reputation

Marketing translations expect and require a more interactive process that includes direct communication and feedback with the client, just as you’d expect in working with a creative ad agency.

Reach more customers and more effectively

We make sure that your materials are translated by professionals who have experience working in the marketing and advertising industry. The efficient terminology management Link Translation provides ensures quality down to the last detail.

We can translate the following documents

Brochures | Case Studies | Catalogues | Advertising & Branding | Websites | Documents for Publication | Ad Copy | Leaflets | Market Research | Travel Guides | Surveys | Traveling Website and Apps | Questionnaires | Straplines | Media Documents | Slogans | Press Releases | Banners

Terminology Management

Link Translation offers terminology management services to guarantee that your product and brand message is delivered consistently across the different types of content that you produce. This includes product names that should not be localized and specific terms that your in-house teams require for industry accuracy.

Desktop Publishing

To complement our linguistic services, we can maintain the layout, design and overall style of your multilingual publications across different language versions. Our desktop publishing team guarantees that your corporate design carries over to content for local markets.