Consistent Corporate Terminology in All Translation Projects
Cut your costs with more consistent texts.
Terminology for all!

As a comprehensive knowledge repository, your terminology database may be valuable for your staff and technical writers alike. With our system, we can now make your corporate terminology available throughout the enterprise – for example,  on mobile devices – allowing even users who seldom interact with the terminology to benefit from uncomplicated terminology research. Moreover, the value of your terminology work can easily be substantiated through smart analysis functions.

Ease of use ensures quick acceptance | Up-to-date information always available | Corporate knowledge presented in a comprehensible form.

Systematic Terminology Management: Consistent Terminology in All Documents

The terminology system is one of our standard components. It aggregates all available information on every term in a well-structured form. Apart from translation, this may include definitions, figures, or usage information. During translation, the system proposes suitable terms for the current sentence, which our team can directly adopt. The system supports the entire process, from the definition of preferred and forbidden terms to the editorial stage to translation, review and quality assurance.

Companies: Making Corporate Vocabulary Available Throughout the Company

Consistently terminology is not only important for technical documentation or marketing; it underlies the quality of all corporate communications. Thanks to browser-based access to your corporate terminology, your workforce can use it as a reference point throughout the company. The shared use of corporate vocabulary also promotes acceptance of terminology work within the company. Via the suggestion module, users with access rights can contribute to the expansion of the terminology database with their expertise.